Am I Eligible for Concierge Primary Care?

Sep 01, 2023
Am I Eligible for Concierge Primary Care?
Concierge care is on the rise, with a 40% increase in the last 20 years. But, why? Keep reading to find out what it offers and if it’s right for you.

In the realm of modern health care, one approach that's been gaining momentum is concierge primary care. In fact, it’s seen a 40% increase in the last 20 years. Here at Genesis Health and Beauty Bar in Daphne, Alabama, Brittany Aguirre, DO and our team offer this personalized and patient-focused model, which provides a range of benefits — from an enhanced doctor-patient relationship to more comprehensive and convenient care. 

Finding out if you’re eligible for concierge primary care might be a concern of yours. Let's look at the criteria and considerations to help you determine if this health care option aligns with your needs.

Understanding concierge primary care

Concierge primary care, often referred to as boutique or retainer medicine, is a health care model where patients pay a membership or retainer fee to gain access to personalized medical services. In contrast to traditional fee-for-service models, this approach aims to provide more individualized attention, longer appointment times, and enhanced preventive care.

Let’s look at eligibility criteria:

Desire for personalized care

If you value a closer doctor-patient relationship and prefer a health care experience tailored to your needs, concierge primary care might be a suitable choice. This model focuses on providing unhurried appointments, allowing for more in-depth discussions about your health concerns.

Preventive approach

Individuals who prioritize preventive care and wellness might find concierge primary care appealing. Physicians in this model often emphasize proactive health management and personalized preventive strategies.

Convenience and accessibility 

If you seek convenience and timely access to medical care, concierge primary care could be a good fit. We offer priority bookings and make sure you’re the first to be notified when we have new products and services to offer. We have several different types of plans for you to choose from to accommodate your needs and desires.

Chronic conditions or complex medical history

If you have a chronic health condition or a complex medical history, you can benefit from the thorough attention provided by concierge primary care. We focus on a detailed understanding and management of your health, which can lead to more effective treatment plans.

Willingness to invest

Concierge primary care involves a membership fee that covers a range of services not typically included in traditional care. If you're willing to invest in a more personalized health care experience, this model might align with your priorities.

Proactive approach to health

If you want to take a proactive role in your health management and are interested in working collaboratively with Dr. Aguirre, you might find concierge primary care a valuable partnership.

Considerations to think about

It’s important to look at a few things before making the decision to pay for concierge care, such as:

Cost consideration

Our memberships require a monthly fee with a one-year commitment, so it's important to assess your budget and evaluate whether the investment aligns with your financial circumstances.

Services included

We offer concierge memberships and beauty bar memberships. Both offer varying services as part of our concierge packages.

Physician match

At Genesis Health and Beauty Bar, you can rely on Dr. Aguirre to offer thorough communication and give guidance that aligns with your health care needs and goals.

While concierge primary care offers a host of advantages, your eligibility is based on your preferences, health priorities, and budget. If you value a health care experience centered around your well-being and are willing to invest in it, concierge primary care might be the perfect fit for you. 

To learn more about our concierge primary care and to find out if it’s right for you, contact our friendly office staff or book an appointment online today.