Are Sagging Jowls Making You Look Older Than You Are?

Aug 24, 2023
Are Sagging Jowls Making You Look Older Than You Are?
As you age, you might notice that your jowls are beginning to sag, which can make you appear older than you are. Don’t worry! We have a solution — PDO threads.

Do you find yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror, noticing sagging jowls that seem to age you beyond your years? Those once-defined features now droop, leaving you feeling self-conscious and longing for a more youthful appearance. 

If this sounds familiar, look no further. Our Genesis Health and Beauty Bar medical expert, Brittany Aguirre, DO, and our team are here to help you regain your confidence and turn back time.

Why jowls sag

Jowls sag due to a combination of factors that occur naturally as you age. Your skin gradually loses elasticity and collagen, which are responsible for maintaining firmness and tightness. 

In addition, the underlying muscles in your face weaken, causing your skin to droop and sag. This process can be influenced by genetics, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors.

Why sagging jowls make you look older

When sagging jowls appear, they can contribute to an older appearance for several reasons. First, they alter the overall contour of your face, leading to a loss of definition along your jawline. This lack of sharpness and the presence of excess skin can create the perception of a "double chin" and make the lower face appear heavier.

Second, sagging jowls can affect the harmony and balance of your facial features. As your skin sags downward, it can pull on other facial structures, such as your cheeks and the corners of your mouth. This can make you look tired and give you an aged appearance.

Third, society often associates firm, taut skin with youth and vitality. The presence of sagging jowls contradicts this perception, making you look older than you may feel. The changes in facial contour and loss of tightness can be a visual indicator of the aging process, and they can affect your self-confidence and how others perceive you.

Where to begin

At Genesis Health and Beauty Bar, you’re immediately welcomed by our team of dedicated professionals who understand the impact that sagging jowls can have on your self-esteem. 

During your initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and goals openly with Dr. Aguirre. She carefully listens to your unique needs and aesthetic goals. At this time, she can recommend a customized treatment plan tailored to address your specific concerns.

Our team offers many aesthetic services, but if you have sagging jowls, PDO threads provide an excellent solution.

Understanding PDO threads

PDO threads are a nonsurgical, minimally invasive treatment option that can help reduce the appearance of your sagging jowls. 

To perform the procedure, Dr. Aguirre inserts biodegradable threads under your skin using fine needles to lift and tighten the targeted area. Once inserted, the threads subtly pull your loose skin back and also stimulate collagen production to promote skin rejuvenation, which improves your skin’s overall texture and firmness. 

Results you can expect

PDO thread treatments can offer you a more defined jawline and a rejuvenated appearance. They act as a support structure, lifting your sagging jowls and repositioning them to a more youthful position. This treatment not only provides an immediate improvement but also continues to enhance your results over time as collagen production increases.

The best part? There's no downtime, which means you can resume your daily activities almost immediately.

Here at Genesis Health and Beauty Bar, we recognize that age is just a number and that your outer appearance should reflect the vibrant, youthful spirit you possess on the inside. You can rely on our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in anti-aging treatments and trust that you’re in capable hands. 

To learn more about how we can treat your sagging jowls, book an appointment at our Daphne, Alabama office today by phone or online.